As of yet I have not had the pleasure of meeting Fred VanVleet in person, but to me it is obvious how much pride he has for his hometown in everything he does.

When he's not traveling with his team the Toronto Raptors, he is home in Rockford and is constantly doing things to support his city, and that is so inspiring to me.

I may not be a sports girl, but the fact that our hometown boy is playing in the NBA Finals right now is so exciting to me, and so is seeing Fred VanVleet physically repping the 815 across the country.

The Toronto Raptors posted pictures of their players arriving in San Francisco yesterday on Instagram, and I think you're really going to like the second photo in the album.


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Toronto Raptors via Instagram
Toronto Raptors via Instagram

If you're thinking that picture of Fred VanVleet is cool, but maybe he changed his clothes after they got to the airport, WRONG! Our man wore that sweet sweatshirt for press interviews as well later that day.

Good luck Toronto Raptors and Free VanVleet, RockFRED has your back!

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