Yesterday we made the trip from Rockford Midway Airport. We had to drop my daughter off to go spend the summer with her grandparents in New Orleans. The trip to and from Midway was the worst part. It was 94 miles and it took us 3 and a half hours. There's nothing like driving 200 miles in seven hours.

Just in time for a summer getaway, Southwest airlines has dropped flight prices drastically this week for their Nationwide sale. Right now, one way flights from Midway start at only $49 bucks. Obviously there are more expensive flights but $49 bucks is pretty good price. Here is a link to the sale.

They had a Midway to Indianapolis flight for that price as well as Columbus Ohio, Cincinnati, Detroit and Kansas City. Sure, the prices are pretty good but I remember when a checked bag was free. Now most flights charge you anywhere from 30 to 40 bucks per bag. If you're ready to leave the Midwest, here's the cheapest chance you've had in a while.

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