Okay so this is creepy. If you look at your Christmas tree and it has small walnut looking formations on it you might want to clip off that part of the branch and put it outside. According to a post on Fox News.com, these small walnut shaped masses each contain 100 to 200 Praying mantis eggs in them. They could hatch at any day and if you leave them inside they would starve.


The Praying Mantis is one of the craziest looking insects on the planet. Almost freakish and alien in nature with their big creepy eyes, rotating head and you can't forget about their little grabby front forelimbs. When I was a kid I was always a little scared to get close to these things.There are a lot of wise tales that talk about them being poisonous but that is not the case. I think they just get a bad rap for the way they look.They can bite you but it doesn't really hurt.

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So if you see one of those walnut shaped masses on your Christmas tree this year don't worry you're not in danger, but they will be if you don't put them outside. Its weird to be close to just one much less a few hundred babies.

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