We may not know what will happen day-to-day during this COVID-19 pandemic, but one thing I know for sure is, I am DAMN proud of the Rockford community.

I am proud of our community members who are taking the shelter-in-place order seriously and checking on others who may need help.

I am proud of our local businesses and attractions who are offering to help even though their own business is struggling. They are taking to social media each day to give our kids something to watch, to do, to learn.

I am proud of the teachers who are working their tails off to get lessons ready for our children to do at home during these unprecedented times.

I am proud of local restaurants who are stepping up to deliver food to our hard-working medical staffs and serving us a daily reminder that we are all in this together.

I could seriously go on and on about all the amazing things I see from the Rockford community each day during this pandemic, but instead, I will just say thank you to Franchesco's Ristorante for what they are doing to support local non-profits that are truly struggling meeting the growing needs of the people they serve.

If you take a look at your pantry and realize that you way over-bought on cans of carrots and lysol wipes, PLEASE consider dropping them off at Francheso's on Tuesday.

Share the love, share your hoarded supplies, and STAY SAFE, Rockford!

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