New TV special features found video footage of Illinois' favorite clown.

Great Childhood Memories

I have some really incredible memories from my childhood. I was able to experience many amazing things as a kid. Several include Bozo the Clown and his daily TV show. Growing up, I would watch it all the time. I was even lucky enough to actually go watch the program live in person.

Photo From YouTube Video
Photo From YouTube Video

Many Bozo Fans Across The United States

When it came to being a big fan of the Bozo Show, I was not alone. Children throughout Chicago and Illinois enjoyed the show too. Plus, it was on WGN-TV, which is a "super-station," so kids all across the United States loved it too. The program was so popular, the waiting list for tickets for the live studio audience was several years long. For example, my mom put in a request for tickets before I was born and we were chosen when I was eight years old.

Photo From YouTube Video
Photo From YouTube Video

The Legendary Show Lives On

The Bozo Show has been off the air for over twenty years now but the legend continues. You can watch reruns on small independent stations. WGN will show Bozo specials each year during the holidays. Of course, you can find episodes on the internet. The Museum of Broadcasting in Chicago used to have old shows archived that you could watch. They also have a Bozo display in a local TV show exhibit.

Bozo The Clown
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Recent News About Bozo

There is some great news for fans of Bozo the Clown. Some lost footage from the show has been discovered and will air in an upcoming special.

According to, 

"Big news for Bozo fans: “Bozo’s Circus: The 1970s,” a two-hour primetime special featuring clips from the beloved children’s show that hasn’t been seen in nearly 50 years, will premiere December 19 on WGN."


"Among the cache of recently found tapes was a master recording from 1974 that no one knew was languishing in the station’s archive."


"Credit the discovery to George Pappas, program specialist and unofficial station historian at “Chicago’s Very Own,” who’s producer and writer of the special." 



To stream the special and for more info, HERE.

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