For the first time in over fifty years, complete episodes of the Bozo's Circus will return to prime time television in February.

If you grew up in the Chicago area in the 1960's and 1970's, the classic locally produced Bozo's Circus was a part of your life growing up. Every weekday, you tuned into channel 9 to see Bozo the Clown, Ringmaster Ned and the entire cast of characters.

Who could ever forget the Grand Prize game? Every kid wanted to toss a ping pong ball into buckets and win prizes. Of course, the show also featured circus acts, magic tricks  and goofy sketches that made kids and parents laugh.

If you love nostalgia, you'll love the fact that WGN-TV has announced that on Sunday Feb 17th, they will air a two hour prime time Bozo special. What makes this one different from past rebroadcasts?  According to WGN-TV:

Surviving full-length segments from the first decade of WGN’s legendary “Bozo’s Circus” have recently been digitally remastered.


Now, for the first time since their original airings over 50 years ago, WGN-TV will air the segments, in their entirety, in a two-hour primetime special titled “Bozo’s Circus: The 1960s” on Sunday, February 17th at 7p CT

If you don't get WGN-TV on your cable system, the show will be streamed HERE

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