If you love kids and love helping them, then Winnebago County needs you.

There's a shortage of foster family homes for children here in the stateline area.

WREX reports that there are over 1,100 children in Winnebago County that are in need of a foster family home to stay in while their cases of abuse and neglect go through the proper court channels.

There's a shortage of open homes for these children to go to while trying to stay in the area and same schools. DCFS, tries to keep children in the area so that they can still see family and be in a familiar surrounds.

Arley Graves of DCFS says that anyone can foster a child. "There are a lot of really good foster parents that are working parents. As long as you're able to care for the child and provide for them, you can be a working parent, single parent, it really doesn't matter."

If you have a heart for kids and want to make a true difference in there lives and are interesting in learning more about becoming a foster parent, call 815-987-5237.

It breaks my heart to know there are children just looking for a safe place to go and be loved and to live a normal life in being a kid.