It's been a pretty rough winter and the snow and freeze has lasted for weeks now. But its about to get worse,The coldest day in years is coming Wednesday. We actually have the fractured Polar Vortex to thank for it. The coldest day ever recorded in Rockford was on January 10th 1982. It got down to -27 degrees and that's the real temp not wind-chill. Well, its about to happen again. According to Accuweather, The low for Wednesday will be -27 and the high will be around -15.

With the wind-chill factor we could be looking at anywhere from -45 to -50 degrees. If the real temp gets below -27 it will be an all time record breaking winter day. A day where you don't even want to think about going outside. It will be so bitterly cold that within 3 to 5 minutes you can catch frostbite without proper clothing. In weather this cold, your corneas can actually freeze and your muscles and tissue can freeze solid. I am not trying to spread gloom and doom but if you get caught out in temps like this you will never forget it. Please stay home if you can.

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