I know many, myself included, are trying to eat healthier and cleaner.

But be warned, there are foods we thought were healthy that actually aren't.

What! I know I said the same thing when reading this article.

According to Wellnest.com we need to be careful in choosing the healthier options for food,because sometimes that aren't all that healthy.

For instance just because your yogurt or peanut butter is fat free, doesn't mean it's good for you. When the fat is removed other fillers are put in place of the fat including sugar.

Or if you reach for diet soda  because it has no calories or sugar, well it's not that good for you either. The sugar was replaced with  a lot of by sodium.

If you think couscous is better than rice or pasta, think again. Couscous is actually a pasta not a grain. If you're avoiding carbs this isn't one you want to eat because it is a carb.

Oh and watch out for those instant Oatmeal packets, they aren't always that healthy because of the sugar they pack into the packets. Hmmm.

Overall, we need to just read everything and portions it out and eat in moderation.

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