If you have a favorite food or restaurant would you eat it every day for a year?

This man is 316 days into his quest of eating Chipotle for 366 days.

Now that may sound crazy but he has a reason for it.

WGN reports that Devin Cunningham is doing this to prove a point to "to inspire people to be fit and not give up on their fitness goals."

Devin said that "A lot of people try fad/crash diets like a no/low carbs diets that does not work and then get discouraged very quickly. I want to show people that they can be fit while still enjoying the food they love. When you enjoy what you eat on your "diet," and you do it in moderation, it is that much easier to achieve your fitness goals."

OK, well that does make sense.

I'm just wondering, and maybe you are to, is he sick of eating Chipotle?

Devin says no. In fact he said that Chipotle has "enough variety that I am able to switch up my meals enough to not get sick of it."

If you want to keep tabs on Devin and to learn about his Chipotle quest you can follow him on Instagram at reallyslowfour or on Facebook at DevinTylerCunningham.

I don't know would you do a diet like this?