Hope you did. Cereal consumption is down as Americans turn to other, more convenient breakfast options. After reading this, you may change your mind. 


American have turned to more convenient breakfast choices like breakfast bars, yogurt and breakfast sandwiches.

However, breakfast cereal may have greater health benefits than previously believed, according to a recent study out of Harvard.

According to ABCNews7, researchers looked at survey information from over 350,000 individuals about their cereal and whole-grain intake over an average of 14 years. The study found that people who consumed the most cereal had a 19-percent lower risk of dying from any cause.

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However, not all cereal is created equal, and the low-fiber/high-sugar ones have been the target of ire in the medical community for contributing to disease, not healing it.

But the benefits proposed by the study may make eating cereal an attractive option on the breakfast table.

Classic cereals like "Sugar Pops", "Sugar Smacks" and "Fruit Loops" may not be the exact choice highlighted in this study, but be sure to look at all labels when buying your next cereal box. You just may be surprised.