Florida Georgia Line woke up to an unpleasant surprise on Saturday morning (Nov. 3). A teepee that serves as part of a new Nashville compound encompassing the duo's publishing company, Tree Vibez, as well as member Brian Kelley's clothing line, Tribe Kelley, had been vandalized.

According to the Tennessean, four people approached the Hillsboro Village compound at 1:30AM on Saturday and tore down the outer layer of the teepee, which stood outside Kelley and his wife Brittney's clothing boutique, Tribe Kelley Trading Post. Fortunately, however, the event was caught on video, and Kelley subsequently responded to the vandalism in an Instagram post.

"Just got word that we had a little vandalism last night at the Tribe Kelley Trading Post," Kelley says in his post. "Someone's trying to take our teepee, and we have it on video. So just wanna say we're offering a nice little reward to anybody that has any legit information or a name. We're offering $5,000, so holler at your boy, DM me, let me know if you recognize anybody in these next couple videos."

After including video footage of the incident, the country superstar concluded his message with a call for Nashville fans to come together and find the vandals behind the crime. "Nashville tribe, let's band together and find these people. You think you can come on our property and do this? Nope. That'll be the last time.

"Chief Kelley on patrol now, baby," he added.

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