Regardless of your stance on e-cigarettes, they are considered a legal product. For many now former smokers, e-cigarettes helped them kick the habit. I've seen friends go from a pack a day or more to quitting because of them. One of the added bonuses was there were different flavors to choose from. They didn't have to taste the cigarette anymore. That could be changing.

Illinois lawmakers have passed a bill to ban the sale of flavored e-cigarettes according to WTVO. It still needs to make it through the full Senate, House before Governor J.B. Pritzker makes the ultimate decision.

Those for the bill say it will help stop kids from vaping because the allure of different flavors wont make it as appealing. Obviously vape shops owners are against it because it essentially wipes out their entire business considering 95%+ are flavored options. The CDC just released the numbers and smoking is down among adults but that doesn't include vaping.

Just like with regular cigarettes, alcohol, and soon to be marijuana, there should be a legal age to consume these products. If they make the choice to do so knowing the consequences then that's on them. As someone who doesn't vape I don't believe in limiting their choices either. Just like I wouldn't limit the choices of a beer drinker to just one or two different kinds. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.

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