If you or someone you know smokes e-cigarettes take note.

Ogle County is banning the public smoking of them next week.

Effective July 1st, the smoking of e-cigarettes in public any where in Ogle County is prohibited.

In this WTVO report, officials say "they're expanding the Smoke-free Illinois Act, passed in 2008, that prohibits smoking in virtually all public places and workplaces, to include e-cigarettes."

If you're caught smoking e-cigarettes in public you will cited and ticketed "the same amounts as the state law: $100 for an individual's first offense and $250 for a business. Second and subsequent offenses for the individual are $250 while a business faces a $500 fine for the second offense and $2500 for subsequent offenses within one year for not taking steps to prevent the use of smoking including electronic vaping devices."


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