Easter Seals is like the community's superhero for families with children who have developmental disabilities.

They're not just an organization; they're a lifeline that brings understanding, support, and a lot of heart to the table.

Imagine having a child with developmental delays; it can be confusing and overwhelming. That's where Easter Seals helps with therapists and resources that make sure these kids get the best possible start in life.

But it's not just about the kids – Easter Seals knows families need support too. The organization is also there to let families know they're not alone on this journey, ask Debbie and Mark Walter of Lawn Care By Walter.

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Grant with his best friend, Emily.

Debbie and Mark's youngest son Grant was diagnosed with autism at around age 2. After the diagnosis, they went from "Why us?" to "Let's get Grant what he needs to thrive in life."

Listen to Debbie share how Easter Seals has profoundly impacted her family's lives.

As Debbie alluded to, Easter Seals isn't just about providing services; they're all about changing attitudes.

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They spread knowledge, fight misconceptions, and create a community where everyone feels welcome.

That's a big deal because it means people with disabilities can live their lives fully without being held back by stigma.

Grant is one of the biggest country music fans you'll ever meet, here he is with his favorite country artist Mitchell Tenpenny.
Grant is one of the biggest country music fans you'll ever meet, here he is with his favorite country artist Mitchell Tenpenny.

Easter Seals is all about giving people the tools to stand on their own two feet. Whether it's job training or adaptive tech, they're there to help individuals become more independent and confident.

Our local Easter Seals team continues to support families as much as possible but, like everything in life, funds are a necessity.

This is why Lawn Care By Walter chose Easter Seals as one of the charities for the inaugural Flannel Jam on September 10, 2023, in Rockford, Illinois.

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