October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As a person who lost their mom to this horrible disease, I wanted to help anyone who may have a loved one dealing with the same thing. 

WebMD has some great tips if you or someone you know is helping a friend or family member beat cancer. All of these tips helped me when I was going through the same thing with my mom.

1. Write questions down that you may have for the doctor.

I went to almost every one of my moms appointments with the Oncologist and I had a list of questions that if my mom didn't ask, I would. Check to make sure you can come along to the appointment. Before hand, talk with the person to plan what you should talk about with the doctor. There are never any silly questions when dealing with Breast Cancer.

2. Be prepared for behavior and mood changes

My mom fought long and hard for almost three years before cancer took her away from me. During that time, she went thru bouts of depression, anger and encouragement. It could change from day to day. Medications, stress and some of the side effects from treatment are just some things that could affect the person. It is never easy to see anyone suffer, but knowing that they have a support system who will be there no matter what, it will help.

3. Encourage the person who is battling breast cancer to keep active

The one thing that my mom did was to always be active in doing something. Whether it was going to a movie, cooking, going to my kids events or whatever she liked to do, it gave her a sense of knowing she is able to keep fighting the fight.

4. Take care of yourself

That is so important. You can't take care of anyone else if you aren't taking care of yourself. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, eat well and take some time for yourself. I was there for my mom, but I also made sure that I took time for myself to enjoy life. She certainly didn't want me to not stop anything I was doing for her. And for that I will always appreciate it.

5. Ask other family members and friends to pitch in 

We had a great support system. My sister, my uncle and many friends always would help out. Even towards the end when my mom was not able to do the simple things, family was there to help out. I can't thank enough everyone who was there for us.

This month will always be special to me. I may have lost my mom, but I never lost her will or fight to beat this horrible disease. There is one way that you can help women fighting cancer right here in Winnebago County.

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