Have you been feeling angry? Have you had moments of aggressive outbursts? If you have a cat, studies show that they may be the ones to blame for it.

What!? Wait a minute!

I love my cat how can this be? She's so fluffy, furry and sweet???

According to this article in TeenVogue research shows that it's actually a bug in your cat's poop that may be triggering moments or out bursts of anger.

"Cats release the parasite eggs in their feces, which can then infect humans if we accidentally ingest them. This usually happens if you don’t wash your hands after changing the litter box, or if you’re in contact with contaminated soil. "

Ewww! Gross I always wash my hands after cleaning my cat's litter pans. It just grosses me out to not wash my hands.

Now just to be clear, the bug in cat poop is a link to angry outburst it isn't the total cause of it. As stated by Dr. Emily Coccaro, professor and chairman of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Chicago, "exposure to the parasite appears to increase the risk for aggressive behavior." However, "not everyone infected by the parasite will have aggression issues, though they may be probably more likely to."

Ok. I'm feeling better now. I was concerned that meant I couldn't have a cat any more due to angry or aggressive outbursts. Whew! I don't want to give up Millie, she's my fluffy buddy.

Wow! Isn't that crazy. Basically, your cat's poop can make you crazy.

To be on the safe side, wash your hands when dealing with cat litter.

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