Hey cat owners, do you get tired of non-cat owners telling you how much they hate cats? Or, maybe you've heard this, that cats aren't as good as dogs?

I know I have.

There's nine benefits that we can prove why cats are good for us.

Next time some one tells you cats are useless and not as good as dogs you can be prepared to tell that's not true.

For instance, did you know that cats' purrs have healing effects on our bones and muscles? Vibration Therapy works through their purrs, which then helps heal us.

Also, cats help lower our anxiety and our blood pressure.

And, they are good to reduce the risk of childhood allergies.

I love my cat Millie (pictured above). She is a little fur ball that at times acts like a dog. Growling at strangers or greeting me at the door whenever I come home.  I enjoy her company. In fact, I joke about, it but I think I probably talk to her too much. As it's just her and I rambling around the house.

To see the complete list click the link: Nine Ways that Cats are Beneficial to Us.