A simple t-shirt or sweatshirt can go a long way when it comes to reminding those struggling with mental health that they are not alone. 

Sometimes social media gets a bad reputation for spewing hate, and it's true, there's a lot of hate on social media. But there's also a huge community of love and connection that so many of us could really use.

Mental health is a topic that wasn't really talked about when I was growing up. I didn't know how to understand my feelings or anxieties or that there were tactics to cope with them.

I'm so thankful that the world is changing for the better in that regard.

One of those people who is making the mental health world better is 19-year old Rockfordian, Lexis Lutes.

Lexis created 'Inspired Life 815,' a brand featuring uplifting messages on comfy clothes to help spread positivity and break the stigma around mental health.

I saw these cute sweatshirts on Facebook and needed the story behind them, so I asked Lexis. Here's what she told me:

My name is Lexis Lutes and I created 'Inspired Life 815' to help bring a light into this world, to help break the stigma around mental health & to spread positivity!

After struggling with my own mental health, I knew it would be a good way to help others struggling, by sharing our stories to remind one another you are not alone in your fight.

I come up with the designs that I think would be most impactful for those around me.

I hope to expand 'Inspired Life 815' & continue to inspire others. We all need a pick me up sometimes & I think this is a great way to do that. I hope to bring a light to someone’s life & make them smile

I love this SO much and the minute the shopping ban I put on myself until April 10 ends, I'm totally ordering the 'Be Kind to Your Mind,' hoodie. Or maybe the 'Exist Loudly,' or maybe both!


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