Ditch the boring tie this Father's Day and treat Dad to a unique experience that combines pancakes and cool planes!

The Perfect Father's Day Gift

I don't know what your dad is like, but mine is a pain in-the-you-know-what to buy gifts for...so is my mom.

I love giving gifts that are meaningful. I want it to be obvious that I put some real thought into what I got for them, and didn't just pick up the first thing I saw on the rack. When it comes to my parents, my gift intentions may be great, but my execution is not.

My parents are very much the "don't buy me anything", "don't spend a lot of money", and "we already buy the things we want and need" kind of people, so what's a loving daughter to do? Treat them to an experience!

I'm pretty sure any dad would love the excuse to do something fun and unique with his family, and this 'Fly-in or Drive-in Pancake Breakfast' at the Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport in Janesville, Wisconsin this weekend might be the ticket to Father's Day success!

'Fly-In or Drive-In Pancake Breakfast' in Janesville, WI

Picture this: stacks of fluffy pancakes, sizzling sausage and bacon, all served up with a side of runway views!

The Southern Wisconsin Regional Airport in Janesville, WI is hosting the 6th Annual Fly-in or Drive-in Pancake Breakfast, this Saturday and Sunday, June 15 and 16, and tickets are selling FAST!


This family-friendly event will not only feature all you can eat pancakes, sausage, and bacon, but cool planes and interactive activities to keep the little ones entertained while you're there too.

Remember earlier when I said treating dad to a special experience is a great Father's Day gift? Well, for an extra dose of excitement, discovery flights with a certified flight instructor will be available for purchase on a first-come, first-served basis! Imagine the look on Dad's face as he soars through the skies, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

To reserve your tickets for the Fly-in or Drive-in Pancake Breakfast now, just visit bessiesdiner.com.

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