One of the grossest in the NFL is a famous football stadium in Wisconsin.

Everything Is Ranked And Rated These Days

Give me a person, place, or thing and I will find you somewhere on the internet where it is ranked and rated in one or more categories. It has actually gotten pretty darn ridiculous. Especially, because just about anyone becomes an instant expert. You have to love the world-wide-web. Really was that not the reason it was invented.


Here Is The Latest For NFL Stadiums

Of course, NFL is the perfect target for rankings. There are so many things the teams can be rated for example their stadiums. Then, the stadiums are evaluated in several categories like best fans. The number of lists is endless. Just when you think there is not anymore, some internet expert comes up with a new one.

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Grossest Stadium In The NFL

Now, am I not usually a big supporter of these types of things but when it comes to busting on Green Bay, I am all about it. Being a diehard Chicago Bears fan, I have no love for the Packers. Especially, how bad they have beat up on my favorite team for years.

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The legendary Lambeau Field has been named one of the grossest stadiums in the NFL.

According to, 

"The NFL season started in September and fans were soon queuing to claim their favorite cheeseburger, hot dog, or alcoholic beverage at stadiums across the US."


"Pickswise wanted to delve deeper into the hygiene ratings at these impressive arenas and analyzed the statistics from 4,417 safety inspections at 25 different stadiums."


"We thoroughly assessed health inspection results from Hazel Analytics, a leading provider of health inspection reporting technology, between September 2016 and October 2021, and found 2,744 critical violations in NFL stadiums during this time period."


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Data Details

  • 25 NFL stadiums
  • 19 states
  • 5-year study
  • 2,380 food outlets
  • 8,238 inspections
  • 2,770 critical violations
  • 3 different categories: critical violations, number of violations, and percentage of critical violations per stadium.

Results For Lambeau Field And Comparing To Others

  • Lambeau Field has 559 total violations with 228 of them being critical which is a percentage of 40.79 critical violations.
  • Soldier Field has 47 total violations with 18 considered critical equally a percentage of 38.3.
  • For total violations, the Packers are ranked #7. Tampa has the most with 1,714.
  • With critical violations, Green Bay is rated #3. Carolina is #1 with 393.
  • When it comes to percentage, Lambeau is #6. On the top is Denver with 94.09.

That makes the Wisconsin stadium in the top 10 for all 3 categories. On your next visit, you might want to think before ordering that brat.

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