Every year towards Christmas there's always one movie I am sure to see, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. The Griswold's have been part of my Christmas since 1989 and things just aren't the same without them. We gather up the family every year to sit down in front of the tv and watch this Christmas classic. One Family in Austin, Texas has gone above and beyond to pay homage to the familiar holiday favorite.

(Image via Warner Bros)
(Image via Warner Bros)

You can follow this link for the video and audio of the whole situation KVUE.com. They recreated the light hanging scene where Clark dangles from the roof. The family really just wanted to win their neighborhood contest, but they went a lot farther than that. They bought a dummy and then put a Clark mask on it, they even tried to get the identical outfit that Clark wore for the scene and rigged a ladder to look like it was falling. They definitely got some attention with it, maybe even a little too much.

A day later a driver passed by the house and completely lost it thinking that a real person was about to fall. The whole situation was caught on a Nest Cam video, the passerby ran up to the house screaming "please hold on mister," he tried to grab the ladder to save Clark and even called 911.

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