Although much of the debris has been cleared away, there's still much to be done in Fairdale, IL.

The tiny town of 150 people has shifted from relief efforts to now long term recovery mode.


It's hard to believe that it's been one month ago (on May 9th) that the F4 tornado tore through our region and completely flattened the small town of Fairdale.

As many organizations and volunteers descended on the town to help in the clean up, now a month later, there's still more to be needed to get the residents back on their feet.

That's where the DeKalb County L.T.R. (Long Term Recovery) came in. Just a small organization of about 60 people banded together to help serve the community of Fairdale. The realized that need for a long term network of people to help the families and restore their lives.

According to the L.T.R. interview  with WTVO news, the estimated damaged is about $5 Million. Approximately $1 Million will come from insurance companies and another $1 to 2 Million will come from grants and donations, will leave the town short by $2 to 3 Million dollars.

Monetary funds are what are needed now to help aid the long term recovery effort of Fairdale. If you'd like to contribute to the fund or to learn more visit: or call 815-761-8087.