Some days are really great reminders that there are still good people out there.

Yesterday I was in downtown Rockford visiting Midday Michelle at her new apartment. I'm not originally from Rockford, so going downtown is always a little bit messy when it comes to directions for me. Especially with all of the one-ways. That's where the story begins.

I left Michelle's apartment, and was at Main St. and Chestnut Street. Like I said, I'm not from here originally, so I panic when I think I'm doing something wrong while driving. The light turned green, and I drove straight, then I saw signs that made me think it was a one way, so I totally panicked and dramatically made a U-turn. In doing so, I hit the curb ... like, really hit it.

Right when it hit, I KNEW my tire popped. I also knew that the two men standing on the curb definitely saw me. I was so embarrassed. I pulled off a block away, in an effort to hide and figure my ish out. I called my boyfriend because admittedly, I don't know how to change my tire. My next call was going to be to my roadside assistance, but that's when the two men who saw the whole thing popped up in my window.

I was so embarrassed, but they, without judgement, just asked me if I wanted them to change it for me. I was in shock! The men I thought were totally going to laugh about what they saw for the rest of their day, walked all the way to my car, and offered me help when I REALLY needed it.

They got on their hands and knees, changed my tire, made sure it was extra secure, and made sure I was all set to go after. It was truly one of the most meaningful things I've ever had strangers do for me. One of the men said to me, "God wants us to help each other, so we're just doing our part". These men truly felt like angels that got hand delivered to help me.

Josh and Rich, if you're reading this - Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!

I also think I finally know how to change a tire.

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