Sending a message on Facebook is as easy as two clicks, but what if you regret those clicks just after you hit send. Facebook is here to save you.

Let me be incredibly honest with you. I jump the gun a lot when I send things to people... I do the same thing in person when I'm talking.

Sometimes I wish for an 'undo' button.

Facebook is kind of giving us that with their new 'remove' choice on Facebook Messenger.

Wired did the best job explaining what Facebook has done, you now have ten minutes to remove a message you've sent to a business, a group or a friend on Facebook messenger.

After ten minutes you're stuck and if you choose to remove something, you probably should send something in it's place because the other members of the convo will see that a message has been removed.

So this seems to be perfect for an incredible typo you've sent or maybe if you sent something questionable to the wrong person, you can delete it and then say, 'whoops sorry, meant to send to someone else,' without that person being able to see the original message.

I tried it with my friend and it all works, when you hover over the message, 'remove' is an option, then you are prompted to 'remove from all' or 'remove for you,' then you're asked a third time if you're sure... then it says message removed.

So like I said, if you sent the WRONG thing to the wrong person. Or maybe your two year old nephew typed a bunch of mumbo jumbo, you have an out.

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