Let's face the facts, a lot of Halloween fun will be cancelled in Illinois this year thanks to that witch, COVID-19. At this point, I'm really hoping that trick-or-treating in Rockford doesn't get added to the list.

Since I don't want to think about all the scary fun we CAN'T have in 2020, let's instead focus on the fun we CAN have this Halloween in Rockford.

During my search to see if the All Hallow's Eve trick-or-treating event will be happening at Midway Village Museum this year, (more about that in a bit), I came across this creepy event that I think all lovers of a good scare will totally get into...

It's called 'Evening of Illumination', and it will be happening at Midway Village Museum the day before Halloween, Friday, October 30.

So, what exactly does the "Evening of Illumination" entail? Here's what it says on Midway Village's website;

  • Experience The Darker Side of Victorian Life at Evening of Illumination
  • Learn how "dying to be beautiful" was true in the Victorian era.
  • Attend a Victorian Mummy Unwrapping Party.
  • Visit a Victorian wake and learn about mourning customs.
  • Join the famous Emily Dickinson for some of her darkest poetry.
  • Hear about the history of the casket industry and how it developed by the late 19th century.

Try to contact the dead with true believer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and debunk seances with his friend Harry Houdini.

Pretty creepy stuff, huh?!?

This 'Evening of Illumination' is recommended for people 16 years of age and older and will feature being guided by lantern light around Midway Village Museum's Victorian Village, so make sure you dress accordingly.

Admission is $12 per person and must be registered for in advance which you can do now, here.

One last thing, if your family has a tradition of attending Midway Village Museum's All Hallows Eve trick-or-treating event every October like mine does, most signs are pointing to that being a no-go this year. The All Hallows Eve event page on Facebook doesn't say it has been cancelled for 2020, but the event is NOT listed anywhere on Midway Village's website. I have reached out to Midway Village for confirmation on cancellation, and have been ghosted so far. Pretty sure the lack of response means they just don't know how to answer my questions yet, and that is ok.

Better not tell your kids they are going trick-or-treating at Midway Village this year...just in case.

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