If you were locked in a room and the only way out was to solve a puzzle would you do it? Soon you will have that chance. Grab your smartest family, friends, and co-workers because you're going to need them.

Have you ever played those mobile games where you're locked in a room and have to solve puzzles to "get out" in order to beat the game? I call them "I'm going to be up for awhile" games. Well, now there's a real life interactive version 'escape game' coming to Rockford.

Mindgames Rockford bringing the interactive fun to the forest city in mid-April. As of this writing there will be two rooms for teams (2-10 players) to test their camaraderie, intelligence, and problem-solving skills in hopes of escaping the custom designed room.

According to MindGames Rockford's website,

Players must communicate efficiently while working together to find new clues and solve puzzles.  Uncovering clues moves you one step closer to achieving the ultimate goal of unlocking the door to freedom!

The two games, Exit Protocol and Secrets of the Pharaoh, are for ages 8+ (adult supervision required for ages 8-15) and last the games can last up to 60 in minutes. At the 60 minute mark the room is unlocked and you are released, walking away with feeling of defeat. By the way, there are no refunds for failing to escape. Actually, there are no refunds, period.

How much does it cost??? The price seems fair considering similar rooms in Madison will cost you $30 and $40 in Chicago.

60 Minute Games
$25 Per Person
Full Room (10 players)
$250 Per Room/Game
60 Minutes & 10 Players

MindGames Rockford will open April 15, according to their Facebook page, at 3214 S Alpine Road. You can find more info and book a room by going to mindgamesrockford.com.

Stay tuned for a recap of our trip through a room, you can rest assured our finish time will be easy to beat.

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