Last Summer I looked forward to Sunday every weekend. We all go to my friend Kim's house to grill, eat, drink, tan, swim, and be silly. Yesterday was a bit different.

Sunday, we reinstated our tradition from last summer. I was so excited. I had vodka, my daughter, and all the people I love. On top of that it was 95 degrees. THANK GOD FOR POOLS! It started off great. The water felt so good. Until the pool broke.

Who knew. My first thought was which kid did this? Thankfully none of them were anywhere near that part of the pool when it happened. A seam just busted. Yikes, there goes Sunday Funday.

Or so we thought.

There was about a foot of water left in the pool when it was all said and done. We made sure it was safe, and we all got back in. It was actually pretty fun. The day turned out great. It may now be the best kiddie pool in Roscoe.

However, the poor neighbor's vegetable garden is a completely different story.

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