I know, I know, everywhere you look you see the Elf On A Shelf. Like them or not, they are a big deal these days. Here's the thing with this darn elf, if you are a parent participating, you need all the help you can get coming up with ideas.

As I have stated before, this is the first year for our resident house elf, Chilly Milly. People are always asking me why we are bothering with it this year since Ella is only one, and doesn't really get it. The answer is simple; Ella smiles when she sees it each day, and that is all the reason I need.

I would have LOVED this whole elf thing as a kid, and that is probably why I love the creativity of it as an adult. Every kid needs a little bit of magic in their lives. That being said, we are only a week and a half in, and this is becoming my reality....

Photo from Screaming Owl on Facebook


I am not totally out of ideas yet, but I am saving most of my "good" ones for next year when Ella will really begin to appreciate the antics of Chilly Milly.

If you are a parent that is already at their wits end with these elves and about ready to tell them to go elf themselves, here's some help. There's plenty of ideas here to get you through the rest of the month!

Stay calm, and Elf on. We got this!