I've lived in big cities, small towns, medium size burgs, and everywhere in between.

Long story short, I've had to hire plenty of movers and trucks in my life.

Growing up in Chicago, and then living in Rockford, before finally settling into my quaint little small town I now call home, up until recently I wasn't sure I could tell you which size city I enjoy living in the most.

Chicago is big and it has plenty of things to do, Rockford has a flavor you won't find anywhere else in the US and my home now is perfect, quiet, and easy.

If I had to do it all over (and in another state too) I think I'd pick a place like this one considered one of America's best small cities according to Thrillist.

Thrillist ranked a bunch of small cities and highlighted all the great reasons why you should live there but this one got me really intrigued.

Eau Claire, Wisconsin was named by Thrillist as one of America's best small cities to live in. Here's why:

"... it’s appropriate to spend all your time here eating the two essential food groups—squeaky curds and deep-fried curds—the city of Eau Claire offers so much more. The homegrown music scene is the big draw, mostly thanks to Eaux Claires, a long-running two-day music festival."

Two of my favorite things are food and music. So far so good.


There’s also a helluva lotta beer in these parts.


Earlier this week, I shared with you the Eau Claire River was named Wisconsin's best place for a swim, and when you couple that with an incredible music festival, curds and brews, I can totally see why Thrillist thinks Eau Claire is so awesome.

That said, I'm not packing up to move right away, but I think I need to make plans to get out there this summer.

I gotta check on those Eau Claire cheese curds before I make any commitments.

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