In 2018, Illinois drivers were introduced to a few new laws put into place by then-Governor Bruce Rauner. One of the new laws from drivers in Illinois, at the time, was the distracted driving law and the dutch reach rule.

Credit: Tero Vesalainen
Credit: Tero Vesalainen


If you're busted for driving with your phone in your hand you could get by with a warning or get slapped with a $120 fine for first and second violations.

Getting caught a third time could get you a max fine of $1,500 in court or a $120 fine.

If you cause bodily harm, paralysis, or disfigurement, you're looking at a year in jail and a max fine of $2,500. Should the distraction rest in death now you're facing up to 3 years behind bars and up to $25,000 in fines.


Credit: MassDOT, YouTube
Credit: MassDOT, YouTube

This is such an important rule to remember when you are parking alongside any street. The "Dutch Reach" rule, which has been in place in Illinois for three years, is for bicycle rider's safety.

Think about it, you're parked along a street in downtown Rockford, where you'll find my people riding bicycles, you open your drivers' side door without looking, and boom, a rider could crash into your car causing injury and damaging your vehicle.

The Dutch Reach Rule, which originated in the Netherlands, is using your right hand to open your car door, forcing your body and head into the position of being able to look outside and to the left of your vehicle. This helps in looking at what is coming from the back of your vehicle.

Use this video as a visual.

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