Ah, road closures—those glorious moments when you're driving along, minding your own business, and suddenly encounter a barricade declaring, "Thou Shall Not Pass!" But hey, guess what?

Those barriers are not mere suggestions; they mean business. In fact, driving past them in Illinois can lead to consequences that will make you wish you had followed the rules.


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The Law Wants to Be Obeyed—Like, Seriously!

Let's say you're driving gingerly down the road blaring Taylor Swift's new album when, out of nowhere, a road-closed barrier appears with its taunting reflective orange stripes. What do you do?

According to the Illinois Vehicle Code (625 ILCS 5/), you better play nice and do what it says! Section 11-305 of the code states that you should obey any official traffic control device, including those pesky road-closed barriers.

It's like following the rules of a board game—except if you lose, you pay fines instead of passing "Go."


Don't Be the Rebel Without A Cause

We've all been in the spot at least once—you see a road closed sign and think, "Pfft! Who needs rules?"

Well, dear renegades, Section 11-605 of the Illinois Vehicle Code has a message for you. Disobeying a traffic control device, including our beloved road closed barriers, might earn you a delightful traffic citation and a fine.

If you're craving some extra expenses in your life, by all means, go ahead and ignore those barriers. But don't say you weren't warned.


Obviously, there are instances where driving past road closed barriers won't land you in hot water. For instance, if you're a superhero (authorized personnel or an emergency vehicle)—and need access to the closed road, you can bypass the barriers.

But let's be real, folks: unless you have a cape or a shiny badge, these exceptions probably don't apply to you. So, don't even think about dressing up as Batman to dodge those fines!

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To sum it all up: in the land of Illinois, driving past road closed barriers is like trying to dance with a bear—both risky and downright illegal.

As responsible motorists, we're expected to embrace the closure, find an alternative route, and avoid unnecessary trouble. Remember, breaking the rules can result in tickets, fines, and a whole lot of regret.

So, next time you come across those road closed barriers, resist the urge and respect the closures. Follow the detour or guidance from authorized personnel or police and keep the road a safer place for everyone.

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