Slow drivers in the left lane have earned themselves a special place of disdain among Illinois motorists.

These lane laggards are a constant source of frustration and irritation, causing traffic jams and raising blood pressure levels on the roads.

While no one wants to admit it, drivers who dawdle in the left lane are arguably the worst on Illinois roads.


Illinois highways are known for being unofficial race tracks and commons sense says the left lane is meant for passing and maintaining a swift pace, while the right lane is designated for slower traffic or exiting.


Drivers crawling along the left lane are disrupting the natural flow of traffic. They're also forcing us impatient and faster-moving drivers to weave and maneuver dangerously around them.

Sure, we're in a hurry and have things to do but you're the driver increases the risk of accidents but also leads to unnecessary traffic congestion.

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The complete lack of awareness or a sense of entitlement that prompts these drivers to hog the left lane is infuriating.

They're not traveling at a reasonable pace and are oblivious to the long line of cars piling up behind them.

All they're doing is provoking aggressive driving behaviors from others who become frustrated by the snail's pace set by these left-lane cruisers.


Safety is another critical concern. Driving too slow in the left lane can lead to a dangerous situation where vehicles bunch up behind the slowpoke and tailgating becomes prevalent.

On the other hand, tailgating can cause accidents and chain reactions that impact multiple lanes of traffic.

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Illinois, like many states, has laws in place to discourage such behavior.

Illinois law requires while traveling on an interstate you are to stay out of the left lane except when overtaking or passing another vehicle or moving over for a vehicle on the shoulder. - Fox 2 Now

Left-lane camping is against the law in most cases, as it obstructs the flow of traffic. However, enforcement can be lax, and many slow drivers seem to evade penalties.

TL;DR the drivers who clog up the left lane with their sluggish pace are undoubtedly the bane of Illinois roads.

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