After over 25 years as the featured brand beer on the animated TV show "the Simpsons", Duff Beer will soon be coming to your favorite store and local watering hole. Duff Beer is finally here.

Rolling Stone Magazine reports that Homer Simpson's favorite brew has officially been licensed and will soon be for Chile, for now.

21st Century Fox, the Simpson's parent company, has given it official stamp of approval for an actual, officially licensed Duff Beer.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a worldwide release is being considered.

Rolling  Sstone says that 21st Century Fox only decided to go into the beer business after countless Duff counterfeits popped up throughout Europe, South America and Mexico.

While the company's lawyers have been successful in swatting down brewers hoping to capitalize on The Simpsons' worldwide recognition, because Duff doesn't actually exist in real life, 21st Century Fox have had trouble protecting the fictional beer's copyright in some countries, like Chile.

As of now, the only places you can legally drink Duff Beer in the United States is at Universal Studios parks in Orlando and Los Angeles.  If sales go well in Chile and at the theme parks there is potential to have Duff everywhere in the world.

Boy, I can only imagine what the commercials featuring "Duff man" would be like. Check out some that have aired on The Simpsons

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