Going out for dinner and drinks may not be as fun as it once was, unless you like hanging out of the young crowd. And by young we're talking possibly teenagers.Last week news broke about a proposed Illinois bill that, if passes, would lower the legal drinking age.

According to WIFR, as long as the person is with a parent or guardian they will be able to consume alcohol.

It could happen if a proposed bill in Illinois is singed into law. It's called House Bill 0494 and it was introduced January 20, 2017 by State Representatives Barbara Wheeler (R) and Kelly Burke (D). It proposes allowing people under the age of 21 to have a drink at a restaurant as long as they're with their parent or guardian.

Have reservations about this possible law? You're not alone. There are adults who can't handle alcohol and now we're going to allow younger people to drink? This has bad all over it.

Bar and restaurant owner Andy Rios told WIFR,

"I honestly think it's a bad idea. We have customers that are 21 and can't even handle their alcohol. We're totally 100 percent against something like that," he says.

He's not alone, many people share the same feeling. In fact, share your thoughts by answering our poll question.

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