As Illinois continues to endure the effects of the New Year polar plunge, the number one complaint people have is drafty windows. The fix to this is less costly and easier than you think.

The extreme cold weather makes just about every apartment or home dweller feel every area where every bit of cold air is seeping in. The number one culprit is your windows. Place your hand around the perimeter of your windows in your home and you will definitely feel drafts.

I surveyed all the windows in my house on New Year's day and could detect a draft from just about each one, even after I recently had them replaced over the summer. For a moment I got quite angry and was just about ready to call the installer to complain, and then I remembered something my dad told me years go.

Most window drafts, especially on newer windows can be solved by doing one thing that won't cost you a cent:


Seriously? Something that simple.

I have to admit that some of my windows, especially upstairs were firmly shut, but not locked. I tried it, and sure enough my window drafts were almost eliminated.

If you don't lock your windows, you are leaving open space to let that cool air in. If you are still having cold drafts, then you can try the usual window weather stripping methods, but be sure to lock your windows before installing them.

Here are some other helpful tips for sealing off drafts in your home in the winter months.

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