First, there was pumpkin spice beer and now there's donut beer.  If you enjoy dark coasted this might become your new beer.

It's a real thing from Dunkin' Donuts but it's really hard to find. Maybe the tasting notes will make you find Dunkin' Coffee Porter.

According to Harpoon Brewery (the beer maker),

Appearance: dark brown to black in body, with a thin tan head
Aroma: Espresso up front, followed by notes of dark chocolate and slight vanilla
Mouth feel: mild to medium body, with low bitterness and high drinkability
Taste: strong coffee flavor, with dark roasty notes
Finish: clean with slight coffee bitterness

Where can you buy this beer?

Donut Beer Is Real and It Sounds Delicious
Harpoon Brewery

You can search for it but it seems as though the closest places in Wisconsin are sold out. Either it's in-demand or has a very limited quantity.

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