Governor Pritzker has joined state lawmakers to cap the rising costs of insulin according to WREX. With prices for insulin skyrocketing over the last 10-15 years at the hands of corporate greed, our governor looks to make Illinois the second state to put a stop to it.

With 12.5% of the population in Illinois suffering from diabetes and needing insulin, it's nice to see elected officials trying to help the people out for a change. The rising cost of healthcare have made it difficult, especially for older people on a fixed income, to continue to buy what they need to survive.

I remember when Roseanne came back to TV and her and Dan were sitting at a table making trades on which pills they would get because they couldn't afford enough for both of them. Sadly that's a reality many families face. There's still a long way to go to fix the system but measures like this could be the first steps of a long journey.

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