When dining out you always know when it gets to the end of your meal the wait staff will hover round clearing dishes and then ask "Can I get you any desserts?"

Don't order any.

Why? The reasons being is the majority of restaurants don't want you to.

I know you think I'm being funny, but I'm serious. According to this article in the Washington Post, restaurants say it's hard to make money on the tasty treats. Plus, they have to hire a pastry chef to make them, which increases costs to the establishment.

If those reasons weren't enough hassle for the restaurant, the reality is they want to move your party along to fill the tables. They're all about serving more people than particular food items.

Hmmm... Now when your asked that question of dessert, you'll know it's only a formality because they have to ask. They really don't want to serve you any. Wow! that's kind of rude in a covert way.

Now that is something to ponder.