I just found out I'm a guilty offender. I didn't know that I shouldn't be snapping photos of my food in restaurants it's a cellphone no-no.

I guess I need to learn the tips on etiquette for using my cell phone in restaurants.Yes there really are etiquette tips on cell phones usage or lack thereof in restaurants.

I had no idea. According to this article from the Food Network, there are certain things we need to be mindful of when dining out and having our phones with us.

For instance:

- Turn it off. Switch your phone to silent or vibrate during your meal. No one wants to hear your ring tone.

- Apologize in Advance: If you are expecting an important call let your server know.

- Keep it Off the Table: Placing your phone on the table is very distracting to those dining with you.

- Don't Obsess: Don't keep reaching for your phone to see if a call of text came in. It's annoying to those around you.

For more etiquette tips here's the link.

Now that I know there are rules, I better tighten up ship and be careful not to be an offender again. HA!