A Barrington Illinois bakery is  bringing manners back with one cup of coffee after another.

The Ambrosia Euro-American Patisserie is finding that using and having manners has seemed to become a lost art and is seriously lacking in the service industry. They decided that wanted to change that starting with how patrons order their daily coffee.

Now you might wonder how can a simple order of a cup of coffee increase manners?

NBC Chicago reported this sign that the bakery posted with simple polite rules when ordering coffee: If you order a large coffee without out saying "Good morning" and "Thank you" it will cost you $3.25. If you say "Good morning a large coffee" the cost drops to $2.95. Now of you say "Good morning a large coffee please" the cost of the cup of Joe is now $2.50.

In all fairness the Ambrosia says that "while it’s not actually charging customers more for being impolite, it hopes to start a conversation on an issue that often goes unnoticed."

Well it does drive a point home doesn't it. Being kind and polite doesn't take much in words or actions and honestly is always the best way to be, and in this case it really does pay to use them.

Hmm, I like this. Don't you? It does make you stop and think.

I can't tell you how many people young and old I've come across that are rude and frankly seem to be ungrateful for the things they receive.

I mean really are w that busy and consumed in our own lives that we can't offer a kind word?