Did you get a strange e-mail today that had an attachment that asked you to click on it? If so delete it and tell you mom and grandma to do the same. This one is dangerous.

Here's how it works. In your E-mail 'in box," you see an e-mail from a friend asking you click on a link to access a google document. If you do, the link asks you for access permissions to your Gmail account. Red Flag: Google documents DO NOT NEED ACCESS to your Gmail to open.

If you grant access, the software will spam everyone on your google contacts list with the link to the same Google Docs file. Once one your contacts does this, the process will continue with each person down the line. The e-mail will often spoof the name of someone you know.

The E-mail message looks like this

Don't Open This Dangerous Google Document
TSM Photo

The email, of course, isn't actually from who it says it's from, but is instead a phishing email intended to trick you into clicking a link. What happens next? You don't want to try and find out yourself.

It's like a fast spreading disease. If you see it, delete it!

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