More problems have fallen on Petland and it isn't good.

Especially when the CDC gets involved. 

If you've recently visited a Petland store and played with puppies, whether here in Rockford or in Wisconsin, be aware of symptoms linked to an illness that has sickened several customers and workers.

WGN reports that the CDC "is investigating a multistate break out of campylobacter infections linked to contact with puppies sold through Petland."

"As of September 11, a total of 39 people have fallen ill in seven states, including 11 cases in Florida, five in Kansas, one in Missouri, 18 in Ohio, two in Pennsylvania, one in Tennessee and one in Wisconsin. There have been nine hospitalizations and no deaths reported. The first case within this outbreak occurred on September 15, 2016."

At this time no illness were reported in Rockford or in Illinois. However, the CDC warns that anyone visiting Petland should always sanitized their hands by washing them thoroughly after coming in contact with puppies or their feces.

Campylobacter is a bacterial infection that produces symptoms of diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever. "Symptoms, which typically begin within two to five days after contact with the bacteria, last around a week, though some people don’t experience any signs of illness." 

If a puppy is infected with the Campylobacter they will experience similar symptoms as humans or they may never show signs. If your puppy from Petland shows these signs take them to your veterinarian right away for treatment.

Petland is working with the CDC to get this infection under control. The good news of this is that this bug is typically just individual cases not an outbreak that spreads and runs rampant.

Eww... gross no thank you. Definitely wash your hands and carry antibacterial hand santizer with you.

I feel bad for the puppies, the employees and the store's chain on a whole.






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