Have you found yourself, like I have, overflowing with clothes that are ripped, have holes, or terribly faded?

They're no good to pass on to wear again. Yet there's too many to rip up for cleaning or garage rags.

Here's what you can do with them. Donate those holey clothes.Yep. You read that right. You can donate those nasty, faded t-shirts and ripped out jeans, etc.. to the Rockford Rescue Mission.

I spoke to Chris Eldridge, the Director of Operations, when he was here a few weeks ago for the "Day of Hope" fundraiser, and he told me that the mission accepts your old rip, faded and holy clothes to be recycled. They work with textile companies that take those clothes and then break them down into fibers that can be re-purposed into other products. The mission receives money for the recycled fibers. They in turn put that money back into mission's programs of feeding, clothing and restoring those that are homeless and hungry.

How cool is that!? Your holey old clothes provide a new life path for someone in need.

So before you toss those clothes out or cut them up into the never ending pile of cleaning rags, drop them off to the Rockford Rescue Mission's Thrift Store on 20th street (2710  20th Street Rockford, Illinois). Just tell the worker they're for recycling.

For more details about the Rockford Rescue Mission and donations visit: RockfordRescueMission.org