Salvation Army's Clothes for Kids Going Back to School [Video]
It's hard to believe our summer is almost over and the kids will be heading back to school in a matters of a couple of weeks.
Remember the excitement of going clothes shopping for news jeans and shoes for school?  For many children in the Rockford Public Schools back to school clothes shopping isn't …
Spring Clothing Drive is this Weekend
Now that the weather is warming up it's time to switch out your closet from winter to summer.
If you find you have piles of winter or summer clothes you're no longer wearing or your kids have outgrown bring them to the Spring Clothing Drive this weekend.
Donate those Holey Clothes
Have you found yourself, like I have, overflowing with clothes that are ripped, have holes, or terribly faded?
They're no good to pass on to wear again. Yet there's too many to rip up for cleaning or garage rags.
Here's what you can do with them. Donate those holey clothes.
Now You can Dress like Scandal
I love the show "Scandal". I'm so excited that the new season begins this Thursday!
Now there's even more reason to love the show, because ladies, yes you and I can dress like Scandal.
Quick Fixes for your Clothes
Don't you hate it when your zipper gets jammed or you don't have time to wash your favorite shirt and you need to wear it tonight?
With these quick fixes for your clothes you'll never have to worry about that again.