1600 Dresses Donated
Thanks to several Rockford businesses, girls around the stateline will be able to look their prettiest for Homecoming, as they donated 1600 dresses to Becca's Closet.
Salvation Army's Clothes for Kids Going Back to School [Video]
It's hard to believe our summer is almost over and the kids will be heading back to school in a matters of a couple of weeks.
Remember the excitement of going clothes shopping for news jeans and shoes for school?  For many children in the Rockford Public Schools back to school clothes shopping isn't …
Donate those Holey Clothes
Have you found yourself, like I have, overflowing with clothes that are ripped, have holes, or terribly faded?
They're no good to pass on to wear again. Yet there's too many to rip up for cleaning or garage rags.
Here's what you can do with them. Donate those holey clothes.