If there's one thing in life we can be sure of, it's that you can walk into the Dollar Tree and buy semi expired candy, 1-ply toilet paper, and balloons, all for just a dollar. If that changes, then is life just officially one big lie?

The dollar holds a very different value then it did when Dollar Tree was first getting big. This has some financial activists wanting the store to get an upgrade. What would this upgrade be? Raising their prices.

Sounds kind of weird considering their THING is selling stuff for a dollar. Right?

According to CNN -

Dollar Tree has kept its prices at $1.00 since its founding thirty years ago, despite the fact that $1.00 in 1986 is worth approximately $2.30 today, due to inflation. However, the value that Dollar Tree has offered its customers has deteriorated because of the need to fit everything into a $1.00 price point. Products today are smaller or of lower quality than they were five, ten, and certainly thirty years ago.
Dollar Tree responded and said it appreciates the investment and suggestion in the brand. However, it isn't looking like the company is too keen on raising their famous prices. Will 2019 be the year the dollar tree sells stuff for more than a dollar? To be determined I guess.

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