A law was passed to allow service dogs in Illinois courtrooms starting in January.

These dogs are no ordinary service dog though they are specially trained dogs to help comfort children in courtrooms when they take the stand to testify with cases involving abuse (sexual abuse, etc..) and child exploitation.

WREX reports, that "when one of these trained dogs go to court with either a child or a veteran, it changes everything. They're able to testify, they're calm, they're relaxed. And they can get the truth out of them,"

One couple here in Rockford that work with the service dog training organization, Leader Dogs for the Blind, are fully supporting this program as they have been training dogs to service the blind for several years and just last year they trained a dog for courtroom service. At that time "Holli", the service dog, was sent to Michigan as dogs were not allowed in Illinois courtrooms.

However, starting in January 2016 that will all be changed as the measure was passed to allow these service/ comfort dogs to be allowed in courtrooms.

Now I think that is really cool. My heart hurts for abused children and I can only imagine the terror and fears they have entering into a courtroom let alone sitting up next the judge in front of all these people. Having a friendly furry dog to be with them can be a great source of comfort.