Now I think maybe I've seen it all. Dogs wearing pants.

No this isn't a spoof. It's a real thing.

I know it looks funny but for Muddy Mutts this item that started out as a "niche product until a diagram of dogs in four- and two-legged pants went viral online.That's when sales jumped 2,800 percent." In fact according to ABC7 Chicago, "there's a waiting list to make more Muddy Mutts." The Muddy Mutts "waterproof nylon waders sell for $50 in the U.S."

Owner Tom Skelly said "It looks really funny, but when you get tired of cleaning a dog for 20 minutes after a walk, it's really practical."

You know he does have a point. I remember many times in the muddy spring and fall having to grab towels to wipe down my dog before she could enter the house. That was a pain sometimes.

What do you think? Would you get these for your dogs?

To learn more about Muddy Mutts, visit their facebook page here.