These are the kind of stories that make you feel real good about life. Especially when it involves a couple lasting three quarters of a century.

WREX-TV featured a Dixon couple who just celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. John and Ruth Cramer have been together since 1941.

They first met while ice skating.

"He fell down at my feet and I had to jump over him or knife him with my skate and he looked up so sheepishly and I stood there and laughed at him," said Ruth."

Now, you are asking what is their secret to staying together for so long? A garden. Yes, both John and Ruth have always had a garden and work together to keep it up.  The couple works together, which makes the rest of the marriage easy.

Here is another fascinating item: They both built their two homes together. She put on the roof and he did the rest. They are in their 90's and still walk up and down their three story home every day.

Humor is another reason why they have lasted so long. This is what John said about Ruth's cooking, which she does every night:

"She makes bad food, but I eat it," said John. "That's why he's living so long, the food is so bad, he's hanging in there hoping to get something good," replied Ruth laughing."

Congratulations you crazy kids. I hope that Ruth can cook John more bad meals for another 75 years! And I hope that we all can learn from you.